Data protection

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Tom Schmid, 8310 Grafstal, Switzerland


If a user leaves a comment, we collect data from the comment form as well as the IP-address and the user-agent-string (that identifies the browser) in order to support SPAM identification.

From your email address a hash can be created and be sent to gravatar serviceAus in order to check if you use this service.


To register for the newsletter, the data requested in the registration process is required. Registration for the newsletter is logged. You can revoke your consent to receive the newsletter at any time and thus unsubscribe from the newsletter.

We store the registration data as long as they are required for sending the newsletter. We store the log of the registration and the shipping address as long as there was an interest in proving the originally given consent, usually these are the limitation periods for civil claims, i.e. a maximum of three years.

You can cancel the registration at any time without incurring any costs other than the transmission costs according to the basic tariffs. A message in text form to the newsletter e-mail address from which the registration confirmation comes, or via the contact form on the homepage, fax, letter) is sufficient for this. Of course, you will also find an unsubscribe link in every newsletter.


If you contact us (e.g. via contact form or e-mail), we process your details to process the request and in the event that follow-up questions arise. We only process other personal data if you consent to this or if we have a legitimate interest in processing your data. A legitimate interest lies e.g. B. replying to your email.


If you leave a comment on my website, it is considered an agreement to store your name, email address and website in cookies. These cookies will be sorted for a year.

Embedded content from other websites

Posting on this website can inclulde embedded content from other websites (eg videos, pictures, posts, etc.). Embedded content from other website act like the user had visited the respective website..

These websites can collect your data, use cookies, use additional third-party tracking services, etc..

How long is your data stored?

If you leave a comment on this website, your data is stored infinitely.

Where is your data sent to?

Comments can be sent to an automatic SPAM detection service.