The Street

Pictures of people who are not always on the sunny side of life.
Whenever I come to a larger city, I take one of my cameras with me on a normal stroll/walk. I’m not looking for any specific motifs, I simply observe the people I meet in the streets and parks of the city.
This creates snapshots of random encounters. I often go back to the same places a day or two later, but this time with a bigger camera with the longest focal length lens possible.
This page is dedicated to people whose life takes place in the city streets. Some of them have no regular work and some often do not have a home either, and try to make a living with small acts or even begging.
Others are there because certain circumstances or an activity led them to where I met them.
Knowing that some of them also do this commercially in gangs and thereby benefit from the sympathy of passers-by and tourists who are unfamiliar with the area, no judging should be made here of the reasons and circumstances that brought those people into this situation.
They’re just pictures of people on the street.