The Bad Girls Club

After the start of the «Bad Boys Club» in 2012, it didn’t take long until I received the first inquiries from women who also wanted a portrait in the same style.
So, we started the Bad Girls Club.
By April 2023, the club had 56 female «members».

Like the «Bad Boys Club«, I won’t close this project for the time being and will continue to look for new faces.

A shooting for the Bad Girls Club is free of charge. I will not ask for any compensation nor will I pay any compensation to the model. All I ask for is the right to publish the Bad Boy picture on my homepages, on my sedcards on several photography sites in the internet and other media electronically and in print. In return, you will get all edited pictures in full size electronically.

If you want become a bad girl, contact me and we’ll discuss th details.