Iceland Summer 2020


As soon as the number of infections fell due to seasonal factors, the restrictions were relaxed in many places and it was possible to travel again under certain conditions.
Iceland tested everybody upon arrival at the borders, i.e. at the airport and in the ports.
You had to register electronically at home before starting your journey and received a QR code on your smartphone. This is how you were identified during the test. And you had to be tested negative before boarding the plane to Iceland.
Immediately after getting off the plane and before you could go to the baggage collection area, you had to go for a COVID test with a nose and mouth swab.
After that you were allowed to go to your hotel where you had to wait for the result, which was communicated via SMS within 6 hours.
If the result was negative, you were allowed to move freely in the country in compliance with the general protective measures and had to take another test after five days. After that there were no more requirements.
Three days after my entry, the regime was changed. From now on you had to go into quarantine after the first test and were only allowed to travel around the country after the second test. Fortunately, this did not apply to those who were already in the country.
Anyway, if the result of any of theses tests was positive, you had to got to quarantine for 10 days in a hotel designated by the Icelandic authorities.

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