The Bad Boys Club

In mid-2012 I was looking for a new idea.
After almost four years in people photography, during which I had almost exclusively photographed pretty women in beauty style, I felt the need to do something completely different for once.
Inspired by a series of advertisements by the Zurich police department, in which new employees were sought with expressive portraits, as well as stimulated by the stunning portraits by Marco Grob, I decided to try monochrome male portraits in hard light and with extreme processing, to develop my own style. I made my first attempts on my own portrait (see Bad Boy #1 aka The President of the club).

The idea drew interest as the ‹Bad Boys Club› grew and grew, and as of April 2023 had 87 ‹members›, the youngest being 11 at the time of the shooting sesson and the oldest being over 60.

If you like the pictures and would like to have such a portrait of yourself, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

I have therefore decided not to finish the project for the time being and to look for other faces that I can then add to the “club” here.

A shooting for the Bad Boys Club is free of charge. I will not ask for any compensation nor will I pay any compensation to the model. All I ask for is the right to publish the Bad Boy picture on my homepages, on my sedcards on several photography sites in the internet and other media electronically and in print. In return, you will get all edited pictures in full size electronically.

If you want become a bad boy, contact me and we’ll set up a date.